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Small expenses, unexpected home breakdowns or a dream vacation you’ve been waiting for for years? No matter what you want to spend your money on, the effect is always the same: debt. Of course, you will first think carefully about whether you will be able to pay your debts and plan austerities to save on installments so that you can meet your loan repayment obligations. Is it that easy though? It turns out that it is not always.

The reason you reach for a loan may be the reason you have problems paying it back!

 The reason you reach for a loan may be the reason you have problems paying it back!

Did your washing machine break? You have to buy a new one but you don’t have the money to do it. You borrow, pledging to pay off, choose convenient installments and run to the store with a smile on your face. You choose the best, not necessarily the cheapest – after all, if you borrow money anyway, these few pennies make no difference to you, right?

You pay off, put off, save … And suddenly a new failure appears in your home, an unexpected priority expense. You buy, spend money, you have no choice. You pay with money saved or you borrow more. Something for something – one installment not paid, you will pay next month …

Remember that unexpected expenses can happen to you every day. While buying something in installments or taking a loan to fulfill your dreams is not a bad thing, you must remember that it is connected with the obligation to repay. Failure to comply with this obligation has unpleasant consequences, nerves and the visits of intrusive debt collectors coming to collect the money borrowed.

Why is such a large number of Poles having problems repaying borrowed money?

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Money is always needed for everyone. Uncompromising financial issues affect everyone. Regardless of your education, earnings or lifestyle, like everyone else – you have your expenses. In itself, the loan is not a bad thing. however, many people borrow money thoughtlessly without looking at offers that are deadly to their budget. The huge interest rate on many loans on the market means that a person must give back even twice as much as he borrowed! If he had to borrow, it means that he did not have, where then should he take the commission from? This vicious circle avalanche destroys life almost immediately after taking on a financial commitment. This is a huge stress for the debtor and, as a consequence, often huge interest on late repayment.

So how do you borrow wisely?

So how do you borrow wisely?

If you really need money, reach for proven sources. Take advantage of the services of companies that do not stretch on commissions and provide loans favorable to you. An example of such a company is Alfa Kredyt, where you get the first loan for 1 penny! So you pay back as much as you borrow and you don’t have to worry about your financial future. If you are applying for a higher mortgage, the calculator will be very helpful for you, including alpha credit , western bank wbk contact or mbank loan calculator. Regardless of which bank you choose, you should always carefully analyze all loan costs.