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A middle-aged man enters the liquor store and asks for service: – What cognac do you recommend for the 20th anniversary of my wedding? The salesman without a smile asks: – Are you going to celebrate or despair?

Unlimited trust


Such a joke will not cause a laugh at a time when the manifestation of the highest courage and unlimited trust is giving the spouse a PIN code for a personal debit card. Surveys conducted among bank customers leave no doubt – in many relationships, partners do not know passwords to their bills. As if that was not enough, nearly half of the married Poles (results of the GFK Polonia survey) hide expenses for cosmetics (women) as well as automotive and electronic gadgets (men) from their spouses. This is true even though the property community is traditionally a common phenomenon among Poles.

Financial matters


Money in marriage remains a topic that is not discussed loudly with us. Suffice it to say that for tens of thousands of divorces each year, only 1-2 thousand. is officially caused by financial matters. The data of the Central Statistical Office indicate three, most often declared, officially reasons for divorces in our country:

  1. failure to observe marital fidelity;
  2. alcohol abuse;
  3. incoherence of characters.

The most common reason for the breakdown of marriages is the little saying “incompatibility of characters” and it is difficult to resist the impression that this is the reason declared “on the detachable”. One thing is certain – few potential divorces openly speak about disagreement on financial matters. Meanwhile, psychologists have no doubt – in many marriages, differences in the approach to saving and spending money can be huge and cause conflicts.

Joint bank account 


So instead of being stuck in a vicious circle of quarrels and understatements, it may be better to set up a joint bank account or an additional account, to which both spouses will in principle have unlimited access (this will help you with the latest ranking of personal accounts).

Holidays can also be a good time to develop common rules for controlling financial affairs. Holidays – even holidays for a loan (this loan is currently worth attention) is an escape from everyday life and allows you to organize things in a new way (including financial).

All this so that the bitter pronunciation of another joke does not accompany our relationships for many years: – Why are you so broken? – a friend asks a young man. “The wife took all the money and left, ” the man replies. – Don’t despair. It gets worse. Mine has all my money long ago and doesn’t want to leave …